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SFI / EI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Programme 2015

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SFI / EI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Programme 2015

SFI / EI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Programme 2015
March 18
16:51 2015

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland (EI), is pleased to launch the TIDA 2015 Programme. The purpose of this joint SFI/EI initiative is to realise greater economic impact from state investments in research. The TIDA programme is designed to enable researchers to focus on the first steps of an applied research project which may have a commercial benefit if further developed. SFI and EI are particularly interested in attracting applications from researchers who have not had the opportunity to previously avail of EI funding.

Successful TIDA awardees will initiate commercially relevant applied research programmes and develop the commercial expertise within their groups. It is envisaged that, at the end of their awards, TIDA researchers will be primed to demonstrate the viability and robustness of their idea or product, and if appropriate, be in a position to apply for more significant levels of commercialisation funding.

As highlighted in the Action Plan for Jobs 2015, the Irish Government has placed significant importance on increasing activities to support entrepreneurship through initiatives such as the Startup Gathering and funding to be provided by SFI and EI.  Stimulating an entrepreneurial culture in the Irish research community is an important aspect of this process that can be supported through TIDA.


  • To demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative idea for further commercial exploitation
  • To develop awareness of the commercialisation process
  • To encourage movement from academia into enterprise activities
  • To build demonstrators/prototypes
  • To improve existing industrial processes
  • To encourage convergence across disciplines
  • Programme Remit

The remit of the TIDA programme includes the 14 NRP areas or any other area under SFI’s legal remit where strong evidence can be provided of significant industrial relevance and strong economic impact. The applicant is required to complete a brief statement justifying how the proposed research aligns with SFI’s legal remit. This statement will be used to determine the eligibility of the application.

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