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First On-site Aerobic Food Waste Recycling Technology Unveiled

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First On-site Aerobic Food Waste Recycling Technology Unveiled

First On-site Aerobic Food Waste Recycling Technology Unveiled
July 12
08:57 2019

WPM Green Energy, a sustainability services and solutions provider, yesterday launched ORCA, an on–site aerobic food waste recycling technology at The Yacht restaurant in Dublin, the first food business to adopt this new technology in Ireland. The ORCA technology operates in over a dozen countries and thousands of properties worldwide. It is ideal for use in any foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, marine vessel – indeed any place where food waste is generated.

“We’re excited to add WPM Green Energy as the newest distributor of the ORCA technology. As a member of the EU, Ireland is actively working to meet waste targets set out by EU waste legislation. The introduction of the ORCA technology will only expedite the fulfillment of these goals,” said Louis Anagnostakos, CEO of ORCA Digesters.

ORCA stands for Organic, Refuse, Conversion, Alternative.  It is the ultimate waste management system that recycles food waste within 24 hours at the point of generation turning food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the sewage system. It reduces the amount of waste that is ending in a landfill and helps clients to achieve their sustainability initiatives.

Well known Clontarf pub and restaurant, The Yacht, is the first venue in Ireland to use ORCA. Head Chef from The Yacht, Rory Stack said “Like so many businesses in Ireland today, we were very concerned about food waste and how we were managing our own.  We chose the model size that worked for us, it doesn’t drain our power, and it has made the world of a difference to us. Sustainability is not a buzz word to us, and ORCA enables us to accurately track every kilogram of food waste we put into it. Using on-board scales, and the ORCA Portal, we can see from the information uploaded how it’s really working for our business.”

Food waste is a key concern in Ireland. Under the UN Sustainable Development goals, the country must half the per capita food waste at retail and consumer level by 2030. At present, in Ireland food waste is treated in composting and anaerobic digestion plants or goes into landfills. The biggest problem with these three alternatives is the emission of several greenhouse gases (GHGs). Methane from the open-air decomposition of food waste in landfills and compost; and carbon dioxide from the diesel truck transport to landfills, compost, and anerobic digestion facilities. ORCA prevents these GHG emissions. ORCA’s effluent is made up of 75% water, 20% carbs fats and proteins and 5% minerals. It is compact, efficient, saves on labour, is remarkably clean and undeniably green.

“We are delighted to be the first company to introduce the aerobic digestion and such an innovative, high quality clean and safe technology to the Irish market and are convinced that it will assist businesses and organisations in reducing food waste in an environmentally friendly way,” said Brian Connelly, CEO of WPM Green Energy.

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