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Affidea Ireland Unveils New Personal Healthcare App

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Affidea Ireland Unveils New Personal Healthcare App

Affidea Ireland Unveils New Personal Healthcare App
August 08
10:42 2019

Affidea, Ireland’s leading independent provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient services, has unveiled a new personal healthcare app that allows patients and doctors to share personal health data in a safe, secure format in real time, anywhere in the world. The ‘Affidea Connect app, which is unique in Europe, will connect its patients and referring clinicians with all medical imaging and reports relating to content such as MRI’s, Ultrasounds, X’ray’s or DXA and CT scans.

A GDPR compliant medical grade service, Affidea Connect will use the Jinga Snap platform to facilitate the service as they actively transition from CD distribution of images to this new cloud-based solution.

The new app will result in improved efficiency for the healthcare service, as well as an improved experience for patients due to the fact that there will be no more wasted appointments when unreliable or incompatible CDs or USBs do not work or are not available when and where you need them. Patients will also have complete control over medical records through this unique solution, ensuring they can actively participate in the management of their own healthcare.

The Affidea Connect service offers the following benefits:


The Affidea Connect Patient application enables electronic access to patients’ imaging and reports in a user-friendly platform that creates confidence in the healthcare system and ensures a positive patient experience. Empowered to be the custodian of their own imaging data with the ability to share and transfer it as they require, this digital tool will ensure health information is available when needed.


The Affidea Connect Doctor application provides referring clinicians with mobile, secure access to all imaging referred by them 24/7/365 in real time without any delay for printing, postage, weekends, out of hours, etc. Patients can be assured that their clinician has access to all of the imaging information they require to ensure the best outcome in the management of their care.

Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

The Affidea Connect application facilitates not only the safe and efficient electronic sharing of imaging and reports with patients and referring clinicians, but also from Affidea to other imaging sites, clinics, and hospitals, as required.

The Affidea Connects App also offers:

Improved efficiency: Immediate access to images and reports on an advanced DICOM viewer as they become available and the ability to share them with friends, family or other medical colleagues in real time.

Improved safety: Secure access to imaging data from a mobile or desktop application 24/7/365. Notifications to referring clinicians when urgent reports and addendums are available for review.

Improved experience: No more wasted appointments when unreliable and often incompatible CDs or USBs do not work or are not available when and where you need them.

Empowerment: Access to personal image and reports ensures that patients are facilitated with the tools necessary to allow them to actively participate in the management of their own healthcare.

Barry Downes, Affidea Ireland CEO, said: “Affidea’s vision is to become the premier digital healthcare provider and we continuously look for innovative new ways to improve our services across Europe.  As part of our digital transformation strategy, we are delighted to introduce Affidea Connect to Ireland – a GDPR compliant, medical grade platform and mobile application providing patients and referring clinicians with immediate access to images and reports – at any time, from anywhere. We look forward to implementing this new software for the benefit of our patients and doctors, and working collaboratively with our partners across the healthcare industry to develop the very best clinical solutions for patients all over Europe.”

Affidea employs 300+ professionals in Ireland across three ExpressCare Clinics  – in Tallaght and Northwood, Santry in Dublin and at The Elysian in Cork – as well as ten state-of-the-art diagnostic centres and two managed hospital services across the country that provide MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and DEXA scan facilities*. This offers patients unrivalled access to diagnostic imaging which has previously been an issue in Irish healthcare.

Affidea operates the youngest and most modern fleet of MRI facilities within the Dublin region with an average age of less than three years, enabling it to provide high end diagnostic imaging in modern, comfortable settings. In 2018, the company provided medical services to over 200,000 people in Ireland and that number will grow further in 2019.

Affidea Ireland, which was established here in 2007, is part of the European Group, Affidea, which has 246 advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care centres across 16 countries. Focused on providing high quality affordable care, the company sees over 6.5 million patients per year, performs over 13 million examinations annually and works with over 8,000 professionals, of which 2,600 are medical doctors. Affidea is the only healthcare provider that sits on the Imaging Board of IMB Watson and also at Microsoft Cloud. Due to its track record for patient safety, Affidea is the most awarded diagnostic imaging provider in Europe by the European Society of Radiology – over 50% of all the centres awarded on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars belong to Affidea.

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