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New Irish Start-up Uses Virtual Reality Tech to Design Customised Homes

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New Irish Start-up Uses Virtual Reality Tech to Design Customised Homes

New Irish Start-up Uses Virtual Reality Tech to Design Customised Homes
January 10
12:06 2020

Ireland generates millions of tonnes of building waste each year – VR Technology could actively reduce this. “Eliminating physical errors at design stage using VR technology will inevitably reduce waste and improve efficiency,” says Bernard Deay (pictured) of Design23.

Imagine you could go through a VR headset to look at your proposed new house before building ever commences. It would let you make changes and imagine where fixtures and fittings could go. Costs and time would be saved. Common misunderstandings that arise between architects and their clients would be diminished. led by Irish entrepreneur and Architectural Technologist Bernard Deay is doing just that with his VR enhanced design. “The software allows us to make real time changes while the client is there in the Virtual World. If you want to see how a window would look on the opposite wall for example – we can do it instantly,” he says.

There’s another facet to VR design that many don’t consider. According to the EPA, in 2017, an estimated 4,749,700 tonnes of construction and demolition waste was left over from building works that year and is the average. Building waste could be greatly reduced if the specifications were more accurate. Using VR tech could help Irish building companies to reduce general building waste.

The service is offered for all types of buildings from passive housing to bricks and mortar.

The client is involved throughout the process by getting them to step inside and live in their new space – before it’s even built and make real-time changes. Through this process the viability and build-ability of the project can be determined. This will reduce human error and increase the reliability of each decision that is taken.

Detailed plans are created using BIM software (Building Information Modelling) a 3D modelling system which allows us to virtually build, coordinate and troubleshoot building project before a sod is turned.

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