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Brand new product: VR headset to buy a house

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Brand new product: VR headset to buy a house

Brand new product: VR headset to buy a house
March 02
11:40 2016

Irish house buyers have a new toy to play with as VR headsets enter the field to help inform people who buy off the plans.

It’s a bit strange, placing your faith in a digitally visualised blueprint but, if you’re all set to buy off the plans anyway, any added ‘experience’ is probably of benefit.

Samsung has entered the real estate game, providing Gear VR for house hunters to get a virtual walk through of houses yet to be built.

The project is done through Sherry FitzGerald, Ireland’s largest form of street agency, with plans to have a headset in every store in the country to help sell houses.

Buy a house in Ireland with a headset

The test-bed for the partnership will be an as-yet unbuilt development in Lucan, letting potential purchasers experience a more lifelike view of the properties in the development than could be offered by simple floor plans or small scale models.

According to Sherry FitzGerald – which set up originally, so is no stranger to diving into new waves of technology – its VR platform has been tested on two fully functioning walk-through of new client home schemes, as well as completing extensive user testing and feedback.

This is a rapid change in the industry and VR glasses represent a huge benefit for the company. Working with Samsung is being, for Sherry FitzGerald, brilliant because they can get a competitive advantage to a brand new product able to helping sell more houses of plan.

It’s a weird and quite nascent idea, but if VR capabilities do improve at the rate we all expect them to over the coming years, then this could become a regular feature throughout the sales world.


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