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€34.5 Million in Funding Announced for the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative

Enterprise Ireland reported on Tuesday that the third phase of its Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI), which serves to bolster the capability within the knowledge transfer system in Ireland, will see €34.5m invested over five years to further embed the transfer of knowledge from within the public research system to industry in Ireland and vice versa. It will also help sustain capacity to support the process of knowledge transfer and commercialisation of research from Irish research performing organisations (RPOs) around the country.

The programme, first introduced back in 2007 by Enterprise Ireland, is managed and administered by Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI). It allocates funding across eight consortia comprising 26 research performing organisations that include Universities, Institutes of Technology and state research bodies. The programme provides funding to the technology transfer offices (TTOs) that support these institutions around the country and it catalyses development of the knowledge transfer profession and the work it does. In doing so, the programme acts as an accelerator for commercialisation of research that would not otherwise be possible.

“Enterprise Ireland’s annual client survey shows that companies that collaborate with the Irish research system on market led projects have more than double the sales and exports than those that don’t,” Enterprise Ireland Divisional Manager for Research & Innovation Gearoid Mooney said. “Helping companies advance through research and innovation is fundamental to the support provided by Enterprise Ireland and Knowledge Transfer Ireland has been tasked with making it simple for such companies to engage and benefit from state funded research. Investing in the knowledge transfer infrastructure through technology transfer offices around the country is vital to progressing the commercialisation of research, job creation and economic prosperity.”

As a result of the programme to date, latest annual figures show;

748 research agreements signed
31 Spin-Out companies created
206 Licensing Agreements signed

Phase three of the programme runs from 2017 – 2021 and provides sustainability for the technology transfer offices. It enables an interface of skilled and experienced people within RPOs whose job it is to work with industry. The TTOs support industry engagement across areas such as research collaboration, consultancy, licensing of new technologies and the creation of new spin-out companies. The TTSI funding ensures the ongoing commercialisation of publicly funded research with a focus on quality over quantity, including the development of richer and more attractive industry-investor IP portfolios.

Alison Campbell, Director of KTI said; “I am very pleased that the TTSI programme has been approved for a further five years. Ireland has made tremendous strides in the area of knowledge transfer and technology transfer and the TTSI funding to date has been instrumental in that success. This round of funding will build on this success and help deliver stronger resources in the field. With support now in place until 2021, I am confident we can further develop the process of research commercialisation and work with our partners in industry to make it as simple and accessible as possible”.

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Record Number of Collaborative Agreements Signed Between Industry and Researchers in 2015

Research by Knowledge Transfer Ireland found that 748 collaborative new research agreements between research performing organisations and industry were signed in 2015, a record number, according to a November 18 report by Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. This was an increase of 16% over 2014.

Results of the Annual Knowledge Transfer Survey, which tracks activity between the commercial sector and Ireland’s research performing organisations, found that in 2015, 65% of collaboration agreements signed by Research Performing Organisations were with Irish companies and that there were 1,235 live collaborative research programmes involving Research Performing Organisations underway at year end.

A panel of experts from a range of companies and from the Irish research base addressed an audience of over 200 industry and technology transfer professionals at the KTI conference on Friday, November 18.
“Knowledge Transfer continues to grow in Ireland. The latest figures around collaborative research – just one aspect of knowledge transfer – are testament to that. We have also seen encouraging growth in the transfer of intellectual property to companies through licensing agreements.” Director of Knowledge Transfer Ireland, Dr Alison Campbell said at the conference, “We now have 34 globally accredited Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP) in our universities and Institutes of Technology – the highest number of RTTP per capita in the world. Today is about bringing together the knowledge transfer community and industry experts from around the country to highlight the simplest routes to access researcher knowledge and share best practice.”

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The number of companies seeking Irish research increased 15pc in 2013

Companies are turning to Irish research organisations to tap their knowledge for commercial endeavours at a rate 15pc higher in 2013 over the previous year.

The report undertaken by Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) showed that the increase in the number of external clients that engaged with research performing organisations in 2013 saw a total of 1,598 engagement agreements.

Last year alone, 37 spin-out companies were created based on intellectual property and knowledge from Irish research performing organisations while during the same period, the number of IP-based transactions between research organisations and industry, including licences, options and assignments, increased by 48pc to 139 last year.

This is the first report issued by KTI which was established last May in a partnership between Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Universities Association that also saw the creation of a web portal providing companies with access to resources from State-funded research, particularly intellectual property, facilities and equipment.

Speaking of the report, the Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation Damien English, TD, said: “I am pleased to note the increase in commercially valuable knowledge being transferred from the research system into Irish industry.

“KTI is playing an important part (in the economy’s recovery) by helping to make it easier for companies to access the knowledge, expertise and IP available within our research-performing organisations so that they may use research and innovation to drive competitive advantage and sustainable job creation.”

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